About CiP

CiP, Contents innovation Program

The “Urban Renaissance Step-Up Project (Takeshiba Area),” scheduled to be completed in 2019, is a business of Tokyu Land Corporation and Kajima Corporation which makes use of land in Tokyo.
The business is also certified under district planning as National Strategic Special Zone.


CiP, “Contents innovation Program”, was established and has launched its full-scale opearation in April 2015 to make Takeshiba area function as a base for contents research and human resource development.


CiP will promote the development of digital × contents industry and contribute to the enhancement of industrial capabilities and improvement of global competitiveness with Takeshiba area as central point in cooperation with industries and the government.


Main 4 Functions
CiP will take the initiative in forming the cycle which consists of 4 functions of R&D, human resource development, encouragement of entrepreneurship and business matching.


National Strategic Special Zone
Takeshiba area is accredited National Strategic Special Zone by by the prime minister.
Preferential measures for radio wave and space utilization, etc. will be brought into view in the future as the National Strategic Special Zone


Positioning of Takeshiba

Proximity to both the gateways to the skies and to the sea will be utilized.
Closeness to the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic sites is also an attractive factor.
Cooperation with other Tokyo regions, other domestic regions and foreign countries will also be focused.